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Luxury Insider: What Makes You Tick and Click?


Italy’s real estate is hot! At least on the Net! I don’t know how many people who window-shop on the computer screen end-up buying what they see, but there sure are many clicking on Italy’s property listings these days. Grand Canal Venice ItalyThat’s what comes out of a study from NAR (National Association of Realtors) regarding the consumer’ traffic on realtor.com & its sibling, realtor.com/international.

If you really want to know what countries come next on the list of the most wanted on the web, here it is:

Dominican Republic
Costa Rica
From the looks of it, it’s clear that “sun, sand & surf” is a big factor in viewers’ interest. It’s not just about learning real estate values around the globe. By the way, you may wonder why the US is missing. Don’t worry, we are indeed wanted, but since we are only talking about the international markets here, our favorite country was excluded.

Another interesting angle, when looking at the data collected by NAR, gives us great insight on which US cities foreigners like best. Here again, the most striking finding is that “Net Tourists” have an obvious preference for coastal towns where the sun shines. Can’t call that a surprise, right?… Especially during Winter-time when we are freezing just looking through the window, and feel so good seeing a sunny beach on the screen.

I am not going to list all the choices made by foreign consumers because there is just too many countries on this Earth. So, let’s take a look at a nice sample.

Our friends and neighbors from Canada are mostly clicking on Las Vegas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale & Miami.
The United Kingdom prefers Los Angeles, Orlando, Houston, Las Vegas & New York.
France is voting for Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami-Beach & Las Vegas.
Germany likes Los Angeles, Miami, Colorado Springs, San Antonio & Detroit.
Japan prefers Honolulu, San Diego, Los Angeles, Jacksonville & Las Vegas.
China’s choice: Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Anderson & New York.
Italy votes for Miami, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles & Miami-Beach.
Russia wants New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando & San Francisco.
There you have it. Some of the choices are a bit surprising frankly, which makes this study even more interesting. Several US towns, which are not particularly famous for either sun or fun –like a Miami or Las Vegas that is- are hot items on the web, particularly in Europe. Realtors, you now know where to go shopping for the buyers of your listings!

If we do a thorough recap of all countries’ votes, the top 10 US cities searched on realtor.com & realtor.com/international by foreign consumers are (drum roll): Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Detroit, Orlando, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago & Washington.

I guess some cities will need to do a better job marketing themselves on the web to make the list next time!

By Alain Pinel

Alain Pinel

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