-Dana Marsh Cappiello

Being from San Francisco I have a rather diverse background. I like to think that I am energetic, hard working and enthusiastic. I believe in karma and a positive attitude.
I care and am loyal to my clients.
I know the real estate marketplace that I service and am aggressive in finding “off market” properties in times of low inventory.
I am a certified Green realtor and very knowledgeable regarding energy issues.

Currently I live in San Francisco but lived in Portola Valley, Woodside and Atherton for over 27 years.
I have two sons, Derek and Dylan, who are involved in motocross racing and film production.

I am passionate about animals, so you will rarely find me without my sidekick Coco and my new labardoodle puppy, Charlie. Sadly my horse George is no longer with us.

Whenever possible I try to represent owners of large country properties. My experience as an avid equestrian and member of the Woodside Trails Committee gives me an advantage over a typical realtor.

I have remodeled literally hundreds of properties and have even built a home from the ground up in Portola Valley, which was over 5500 sq ft and was photographed by Architectural Digest. I understand the regulations unique to each of the towns I work in because of this firsthand experience. This has proven to be very beneficial to my clients.


-Derek Cappiello

Derek is a Woodside native. He attended both Woodside Elementary and Woodside High Schools.

He has worked at several local businesses including the Rosewood Resort and Hammerhead Designs.

Derek is affiliated with the Woodside Mounted Patrol, a horseman’s search and rescue group, and is also an American Motorcycle Association National Motocross Champion. He knows every Woodside trail.

Derek believes in exercise, eating healthy and family as keys to a successful life.

He is well connected in the San Francisco Bay Area with friends and business owners who can be called upon for expert advice and support.

He has also travelled the world extensively. Throughout his travels it has been the people he has met who have been his greatest gift.

Derek works hard, never quits and has what it takes to get the job done. He is excited to begin his real estate career with his mom whom he worked with on her former design and non profit businesses. Together this Cappiello team is prepared to make your real estate transaction a one of a kind, enjoyable and profitable experience.

-Our causes

UTAC has had a major impact on the AIDS community and was the initial funder for two important AIDS Foundations, the International Aids Vaccine Initiative and the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, both of which are now funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

-Until There’s a Cure Foundation : Co-Founder
Global Strategies : Volunteer
Project Happiness : Board Member
Rich May Foundation : Board Member

-Dana’s book

Growing up my father was Captain of the San Francisco Police department. He was there the frightening evening of the White Night Riots, when the verdict was read on the murders of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. The gay community was enraged and my father and his comrades retaliated. Almost fifteen years to the day I cofounded the Until There’s a Cure foundation, creating a major revenue source for HIV/AIDS from the sale of the AIDS bracelet.
This memoir openly and honestly tells my story and how I braved scary times, violent attacks and became the happy, successful woman I am. It is uncomfortable for me to write yet I believe it is important to many individuals who have experienced similar situations. My dream is to inspire others.

– Dana’s Design Background


– What our buyers are saying

Dana is persistent and patient. In a very difficult market for the buyers, She went with us to see more houses than I care to count over a two-month period. She reviewed and analyzed with us the disclosure packages for all of the houses we were interested in bidding. Her positive attitude propelled us until we finally found and bought just the right house for us. After she helped us sold our previous house in 2012, I knew I had met a good realtor. After spending many days riding in her car looking for a house to buy in 2013, I now know I have met an extraordinary human being.

by Olive Lee-Deacon